AnswerOn’s View on Corporate Partnerships

By: Ross Mitchell, Vice President of Sales Corporate partnerships happen every day. Many are in “name only” while others combine the strengths of the partners to create something totally new and different. Some of these partnerships are very successful, while others require more effort than the value they generate. Sales Partnerships In a Sales Partnership, […]

The AnswerOn Development Environment and Process

By: Don Kainer, Vice President of Engineering and COO How AnswerOn creates predictive models: To provide the most value for our services, AnswerOn must respond quickly and accurately to the evolving requirements of our customers. The behavior of the end user (our customer’s customer), is not static. Changes to business objectives, seasonality and the economic […]

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Talking to your at-risk agents

By: Eric Johnson, CEO and President “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”… Is a favorite saying in many business circles, referring to awakening a naïve concealed danger. McGraw-Hill defines it as a proverb-  “Do not instigate trouble; Leave something alone if it might cause trouble.””[1]  We have observed a number of call center operators express this idiom when […]

The Machine Learning Bubble?

Written by: Michael Mozer, Scientific Advisor at AnswerOn and Professor at the University of Colorado   Five years ago, few had heard of the field of machine learning. Now, articles appear daily describing the accomplishments of machine learning, companies market their prowess in machine learning, and machine learning has become nearly synonymous with artificial intelligence. Here is […]

Fly Fishing the Call Center

By Eric Johnson, CEO and President of AnswerOn, Inc. As many of you may know, I am an enthusiastic Fly Fisherman and Fly Tyer.  I like the challenge and complexity the sport has to offer: 1) Finding the best site to find fish; 2) Matching the Hatch or knowing what insects are prevalent which the […]

Approaching Attrition in the Security Industry

Written By: Eric Johnson, President and CEO of AnswerOn, Inc AnswerOn has been analyzing customer behavior for over 16 years and our scientists have been leaders in this field long before AnswerOn was founded. Our approach is straightforward – “We will tell you who is going to leave, why they are going to leave and […]

Show Me the Money

Written by Eric Johnson, President and CEO of AnswerOn, Inc. In the 1996 movie “Jerry McGuire,” Rod Tidwell (the character played by Cuba Gooding Jr.) famously implored McGuire (Tom Cruise)- “I wanna make sure you’re ready, brother. Here it is: Show me the money.”[1] Unfortunately, this is the image many call center operators have on […]


Written by: Michael Mozer, Scientific Advisor at AnswerOn and Professor at the University of Colorado Let’s start with an obvious point. If you want to make good predictions, you need to have the relevant information. For example, suppose a friend who is shopping for a used car calls and says, “I found a car that is red […]