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AnswerOn’s solution uses predictive modeling technology paired with targeted BOOSTs to agent performance. Our technology identifies each week who is likely to fail an aspect of their performance goals and then equips you with the correct conversation to have with your agent before their performance falls.

How it works

Working with your company, AnswerOn identifies the Key Performance metrics most critical to your business. We build a predictive model which looks at all aspects of agent behavior using your data. 

After the model is built using your data, it is capable of predicting which of your agents will decrease in performance over the course of the next week. AnswerOn provides the prediction of failed performance with a BOOST, so your supervisor can have a targeted coaching session to improve the KPI that most critically needs attention at the right time.

at risk agents

Data Requirements

AnswerOn only needs weekly extracts of non-confidential data from your human resource, work force management, KPI, and scheduling systems. All data can be delivered to and stored on our secure servers.

Lightweight and Cloud-based

Proactive Performance Management requires no installation of hardware or software. Our solution is designed to take the burden off our customers – we do the heavy lifting.

Pilot Program Overview

AnswerOn can deploy your tailored solution in under 30 days. We only require your data and KPI worksheet to begin.

After model completion, the AnswerOn team will consult with you to determine the best strategies moving forward. Within 4 weeks of deploying our Proactive Performance Management technology AnswerOn will provide data analyzing the project’s effectiveness and projected ROI.

KPI Worksheet

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