What are Top Executives at AnswerOn's clients saying about AO?

In the unlimited, pre-paid wireless space our customers assess whether to stay with us each and every month, forcing us to earn their business with every pay cycle.

In addition to growing our subscriber base by providing a great overall experience in terms of connectivity, customer service and compelling content, we look to retain existing customers or re-acquire those that may have chosen to leave for personal financial reasons.
Over the past several years, we have utilized AnswerOn's proprietary, highly technical and sophisticated approach to predicting customer behavior, extending customized incentives and rewards in a proactive and timely manner, and consistently reducing our monthly churn metric. Since partnering with the AnswerOn team in October 2009 and deploying these proactive and targeted retention campaigns, we have reduced monthly churn by an average of 100 basis points, significantly lengthened the customer life cycle, and improved our bottom line financial results.

With this success under our belt and our increasing comfort with the accuracy and the efficacy of the traditional Retention & Winback services that we originally deployed, we are now implementing additional growth-oriented initiatives by further utilizing the data and analytical tools that AnswerOn offers.
John Ranieri
CFO, Revol Wireless
One of the key aspects of the project's success can be attributed to the AnswerOn team's desire to fully understand our data and business processes.
AnswerOn Client VP
AnswerOn has been great partners in our business . . . Through their diligence, they were able to provide very actionable data with an incredible ROI.
AnswerOn Client Executive

What do managers have to say about working with AnswerOn?

“At-risk identification is ‘spot-on’ and the results appear to get better over time.”

“The intervention types have been helpful. Appreciative of the process. Lost a bunch with no intervention. Dismayed at how fast they left. Going to be a valuable tool.”

“We’ve been having conversations with agents who were ready to put in their two weeks, but we had the conversation and were able to save them.”

“The AO process is a more disciplined approach to agent improvement.”

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