Virtual Focus Groups

The Insight You Need to Act Purposefully

Questions based on Industry insights

Hearing directly from employees (related to their work conditions, scheduling, and company policies) or customers (related to loyalty, considerations for transferring service, and potential offers) is an invaluable insight into employee and customer viewpoints that data collection and behavior tracking alone will not give.

AO Virtual Focus Group Details

Trained Moderators

Live moderators proctor the discussion and ask follow-up questions to further understand employee or customer pain-points and attitudes toward policies and procedures.

Cloud-based & Customizable

We do all the heavy lifting from moderation guide creation to proctoring to analysis. Employees or customers can access the open discussion from any device with a browser and complete discussion at their own pace.

a Discussion, Not a Survey

We ask guided, probing questions in an open-format discussion with a live moderator, all under the condition of anonymity for authentic feedback.


The Importance of Being Proactive

Standard VFG includes:

  • 3 day, 5 session virtual focus group with employees or customers of your choice or at random from your base
  • Moderation guide creation and editing with your  executives
  • Live moderation each day
  • Ability to add in follow-up questions throughout VFG
  • Live executive viewing of focus group
  • Anonymity for all participants
  • Daily summary analysis
  • End of the VFG final analysis report and transcript

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Targeted VFG includes:

  • All Standard VFG features
  • Development of predictive model (created based on non-confidential data your organization is already using) to identify employees or customers at a high-risk of churning

The employees or customers identified by the model at the highest risk of churning would be the VFG participants. This Targeted VFG allows for a deeper understanding of employee or customer pain-points for those who are already considering leaving or at risk of leaving.

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Want more participants? Less participants? A different focus?

Our VFG platform can be customized and is flexible to your company’s goals! 

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