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With AnswerOn prescriptive analytics, you’ll know who is going to leave, why they are going to leave and what you can do to save them

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Empower Your Leaders with Agent-Level Data & Recommendations

Our system uses a customizable model that delivers detailed reports including:

Empower Your Leaders with Agent-Level Data & Recommendations

Our system uses a customizable model that delivers detailed reports including:

The Results

250% improvement in churn rate

Using AnswerOn a Large BPO call center saw a 250% improvement in churn rate among agents compared to individuals who did not receive interventions.

$9.5 million in net margin savings

A leading multinational call center client with an initial focus on three site locations: Philippines, Mexico, and the US was able to save $9.5 million in net margin.

10% Profit Margin Increase

An international BPO with more than 5,000 agents and saw a 20% reduction in training costs, a 30% reduction in attrition, and a 10% increase in profit margins.
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An Overwhelming Cycle of Frustration

We understand that leading a call center is challenging, full of high demand, frustrated agents, high churn rate, and complicated, expensive training programs.

Despite those difficulties, we understand that you’re determined to be an effective, respected leader that balances all aspects of your call center operations.


Proven Retention Solutions, Custom For Your Team

Partnering with AnswerOn gives you much more than just analytics and data. We help your team develop actionable strategies to improve your work environment for at-risk agents, wherever they may be working from.

By empowering your managers and team leaders with actionable reports on at-risk agents, AnswerOn provides an organized system that can help a good manager become a great manager by increasing agent engagement, productivity, and retention.

Average churn rate reduction 15-30% per year

Experience visible ROI within 60 days after pilot - we guarantee it or your money back

Reduce employee training costs by 10-25%

Built by call center professionals with more than 20 years of experience

Custom solutions for your team because no two agents or call centers are the same

Cloud-based & No Infrastructure Changes

Stop feeling out of control, churning through agents, and busting your budget.

Experience your own job satisfaction, happier agents, and improved profits starting today. 

Get Your AnswerOn with Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Our intelligent call center agent retention program provides analytics and reports that are both predictive and prescriptive. Here’s what that means:

Predictive Analytics

As a call center manager, you’re expected to facilitate healthy relationships with dozens of people in order to keep them happy and engaged in their work. But, the number of relationships is beyond what anyone can handle without help. That’s where AnswerOn’s retention program helps. We feed your agent data into our algorithms in order to predict what relationships need urgent attention.

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Prescriptive Analytics

Your job doesn’t stop at a mere awareness of which agents are at risk of leaving. You’re expected to engage these agent’s needs and wants in a way that mutually benefits all parties. But, each situation is unique and it’s overwhelming just to keep up. Here’s where AnwersOn’s retention program delivers real immediate value. After we help you identify at-risk agents, we prescribe suggestions on how best to resolve the agent’s frustrations and regain their trust.

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The Solution To A Work From Home Reality

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, your job required a lot of juggling meetings and appointments.

Now, many call centers have adopted work-from-home procedures and schedules which has you feeling more burnt out than ever before.

Our Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics has never been more valuable to leaders who want to know what their agents are experiencing and feeling. Our solution isn’t bound to an office. All it requires is the data that you continue to monitor from your hardworking agents.

If no one can efficiently manage in person the endless needs and frustrations agents experience working in a high-volume call center, how will they do it from home? Let us help you get back in control.

Wonder how much money your business is losing on agent attrition?

Use our savings calculator to see how much you could be saving by partnering with AnswerOn.

Here’s how we helped Todd Coughlin at West Corporation:

“AnswerOn has been great partners in our business. They hit the ground running and have attacked the project with enthusiasm and a real desire to understand the intricacies of our company and industry. Through their diligence, they were able to provide very actionable data with an incredible ROI.”
Todd Coughlin
West Corporation

Retention Strategies that Save you Time and Money

Our Intelligent Call Center Agent Retention Program empowers you with the information you need to solve your retention and attrition problems.

Our program has saved our clients millions of dollars and thousands of hours in training by collecting data from their current systems and analyzing it using our agent attrition algorithms.

You receive insight into who is at-risk to leave, why they are frustrated, and actionable strategies for retention.

We save you time, money, and resources with our data science and machine learning technology.

Here’s how we do it.

Step 1:
Schedule Discovery Call

Contact us with the problem your experiencing, and we'll learn more about your systems, processes, and data streams.

Step 2:
Build Model

You'll be guided by our team as we develop a simple, repeatable process to collect the required data to run our prediction models.


Step 3:
Reduce Churn

Shortly after data is collected, you'll immediately start taking effective action with a list of priority cases and recommendations.

Step 4:
Improve & Repeat

You control the frequency of at-risk agent updates, allowing you to improve your team at your pace, avoiding burn-out.

Stop feeling out of control, churning through agents, and busting your budget.

Experience your own job satisfaction, happier agents, and improved profits starting today. Schedule your free demo with our experts to learn more.