Call Centers

Uncovering and Resolving Agent Pain Points
This Case Study features an AnswerOn customer who had previously implemented a performance improvement plan to increase agent efficiency, but the policy ended up pushing agents right out of the door. AnswerOn reduced attrition caused by this policy and the company saw a decrease in overall churn, a decrease in hiring because of increased tenure, recruiting, and training costs of over 10%, and Net Margin improvement of over 20%.

AnswerOn Customer Success Case Study
AnswerOn solutions have saved this call center millions of dollars while at the same time dramatically improving Customer Experience.


Dobson – AnswerOn Customer Success Business Case
AnswerOn solutions have saved Dobson Communications close to $100 million over the last 4 years. Their proven solutions provide us with the necessary tools to reduce customer attrition (churn) and increase profitability. They are a trusted advisor and partner

Cincinnati Bell – AnswerOn Customer Retention Solutions
Cincinnati Bell turned to AnswerOn to provide the analytics needed to target its customers who were most likely to churn. AnswerOn used its proprietary Meta Analytics™ to build the most accurate models, to determine the targeted reasons for CinBell customers leaving, and to design highly effective retention programs.