Case Studies

Agent Retention & Performance Management

When this client came to AnswerOn, they were losing money every month due to high attrition rates and poor agent scores on key performance metrics, like AHT. Over a 5-year period of working with AnswerOn, they saved $9.5 million in net margin savings, significantly reduced attrition, and helped agents improve performance scores.

AnswerOn solutions have saved this call center millions of dollars while at the same time dramatically improving Customer Experience.

An AnswerOn customer wanted to focus on re-engaging agents before they decided to quit, while improving performance metrics across agents of all tenures. The ROI achieved with AnswerOn was over $9 million in net margins over two years, along with increases in several performance metrics and reduced average handle time.

Agents and site managers routinely describe scheduling, KPIs, and work environment challenges as common call center pain points. In this case study, we discuss three distinct, real customer scenarios related to each of these pain points.

This case study features an AnswerOn customer who had previously implemented a performance improvement plan to increase agent efficiency, but the policy unintentionally had the opposite effect and caused many agents to quit. AnswerOn reduced attrition caused by this policy and the company saw a decrease in overall churn, a decrease in hiring because of increased tenure, and a Net Margin improvement of over 20%.