Money-Saving Potential of Agent

AnswerOn is working with a large BPO call center who is experiencing some common challenges in the call center industry related to agent attrition and performance. They, in turn, are working with a client that sets high standards for their calls, including a sales component. The client also mandated strict performance goals to highly regulate its agents. With the pressure to score well on performance metrics, such as Average Handle Time (AHT), while still trying to close a sale at the end of the call successfully, the call center was experiencing high agent attrition and high levels of disengagement. They wanted to focus on re-engaging agents before they decided to quit, while improving performance metrics across agents of all tenures.

This client continues to partner with AnswerOn and has seen expansive growth in its agents as they stay longer with the company and continue to improve their performance metrics. The ROI achieved with AnswerOn was over $9 million in net margins over two years.

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