Subscriber Retention

Interact with customers at ideal moments BEFORE they make the final decision to leave

Subscriber profitability tends to increase over the life of a retained subscriber. At the core of AnswerOn’s methodologies lies the technology and experience to not only predict churn-likely subscribers accurately, but to create individualized retention offers directed at high-risk, high-value subscribers. Partnering with AnswerOn allows you to strategically split your efforts between adding new customers and allocating resources to subscriber retention strategies.

The AnswerOn Solution


Total Life-Cycle Management

AnswerOn approaches subscriber loyalty solutions with the belief that a loyal subscriber yields higher profits through: revenue growth, lower operating costs, referrals, and premium pricing.


Average revenue generated by churn reduction: more than $11 Million

When you have a proactive plan for keeping subscribers, you can identify when they are dissatisfied or reaching the decision of leaving and intervene with the right offer before they quit your service.


Average Return on Investment - 60 days

After data discussion and delivery, AnswerOn can deploy your tailored solution in 60 days. AnswerOn offers a 60-day money-back guaranteed Pilot  program to develop your specific predictive model.


Revenue generated from retention acquisition offers: More than $200 Million

AnswerOn uses non-confidential customer data, statistical modeling, risk segmentation, and Multi-Dimensional Offer Optimization to produce loyalty campaigns that extend individualized retention offers to high-risk, high-value subscribers.


Cloud-based & No Infrastructure Changes

AnswerOn builds models off the data you are already collecting and never requires any confidential data. All data can be delivered and stored on our secure servers. Our Customer Portal is cloud-based and accessible from any device or browser.

One customer’s decreasing attrition, or churn, rate over the four years of working with AnswerOn.

Reduce Churn

One customer’s decreasing attrition, or churn, rate over the four years of working with AnswerOn.

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AnswerOn’s Solution is a unique total life-cycle management process that identifies critical moments in the customer life-cycle and the right offer to present to the right subscribers at the right moments to boost loyalty.

Multi-Dimensional Offer Optimization

Multi-Dimensional Offer Optimization (MDOO) is a proprietary technology that simulates the impact of potential offers.  The MDOO offer engine maximizes the impact of each individual campaign and increases acceptance by targeting high-risk characteristics of customers with the correct offering. As a result, the most effective offer is always delivered to a targeted subscriber.

Combining MDOO, non-confidential customer data, and statistical modeling, AnswerOn is able to help clients:

  • Identify high-value subscribers who are likely to deactivate or who are dissatisfied
  • Identify the key variables associated with a subscriber’s loyalty score computation
  • Produce loyalty campaigns that extend individualized retention offers to high-risk, high-value subscribers 
  • Evaluate and analyze the effectiveness of existing customer retention campaigns
  • Identify potential cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Reduce the cost of contacting subscribers by focusing only on high-risk subscribers

White Paper "The AnswerOn Solution for Customer Retention"

What would it look like for you to start a Subscriber Retention program with AnswerOn? This white paper outlines the process and includes more statistics on the results of the AnswerOn project.

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