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Here are some attrition experiences we’ve heard from numerous call center leaders across all industries:

  • 75% – 400% annual churn
  • Tired of accepting attrition as a cost of business
  • Reward systems, calisthenics, and surveys do not improve customer service scores
  • Recruiting, hiring, and training costs per agent are around $2,500 – $6,000
  • CSR tenure is low and building on success and developing agents is challenging

In an attempt to find a solution to the common complaints above, AnswerOn’s Predictive Analytics solution was built by call center professionals for call centers to solve the agent attrition problem.

AnswerOn’s Predictive Analytics solution will tell you:
Who is going to leave, Why they are going to leave, and What you can do to save them.


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AnswerOn’s solution stands apart from the rest of the agent attrition solutions by not only predicting which agents are going to leave and why, (through key insights from the predictive model), but by providing you and your managers with specific action steps to keep them from choosing to leave your organization. AnswerOn’s prescriptions are not generic or part of a one-size fits all model – they are specific to each individual agent, actionable, and require a small, manageable time commitment from your managers. These targeted conversations assigned by the predictive model, called Interventions, equip managers in your call centers with behavioral insights they would not normally have access to. See below for more information about AnswerOn Interventions in the section entitled “What is an AnswerOn Intervention.”

AnswerOn provides you with a radical new way to have a pulse on the performance and health of your call center, without requiring any change in your existing infrastructure and only requiring non-confidential performance data you already have.

In addition, here are other key differentiators:

  • Prescriptive analytics – individual, tailored interventions
  • Monthly ROI reports
  • Model updated bi-weekly or monthly
  • Cloud-based, standardized process for tracking and recording coaching, training, and performance
  • Real-time monitoring of sites’ interactions with agents
  • Highlight the Voice of the Agent through Virtual Focus Groups (VFGs)
  • Requires no change in your current infrastructure and minimal IT involvement
  • Minimal impact on team leader’s time

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  • 15-30% average reduction in attrition per year
  • 10-25% reduction in training costs
  • Visible ROI within 60 days
  • Significant KPI improvements
  • Higher customer service scores among agents after an intervention

Read AnswerOn’s Customer Success Case Study.

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Being an AnswerOn customer requires NO changes to your existing infrastructure.

Everything you and your team leaders need is available on the AnswerOn Portal which can be accessed from any computer with internet access.

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No confidential or personal data is ever used in the AnswerOn model.

Here is a representative list of data sources that clients have provided to AnswerOn in the past for model development. This is not an all-inclusive list.

  • Human Resources
  • Scheduling
  • Call statistics
  • Performance

When you sign up to partner with AnswerOn we will provide you with a full list of data requirements.

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AnswerOn Interventions are brief, context-specific conversations that are individualized on a per at-risk agent basis. All intervention assignments are delivered by AnswerOn on our Customer Portal. Managers log in to the Portal to view what topics they should discuss with the highest-risk agents on their team. The topic assigned is what the predictive analytics model has found to be the most likely reason the agent is approaching attrition.

The goal of an AnswerOn Intervention is to give managers a starting point for a context-specific discussion with their agents, making them more available to the agents and providing the agents with a listening ear. Agents leave these discussions feeling valued, less likely to leave the company, and more likely to approach their manager sooner at the onset of an issue. the company.

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Unlike standard coaching sessions, an AnswerOn Intervention provides the manager with insightful information into what each agent is struggling with. The Intervention assigned to the agent is specific to them based on what is likely to reduce their attrition risk the most. In an Intervention you’re reaching the right agent at the right time to uncover their issues.

Read our CEO and President, Eric Johnson’s, blog on how conversations with agents that are targeted and specific are the key to AnswerOn’s solution.

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Analysis of variables that contribute to churn at your call center(s) to create actionable intelligence for your managers. Also, ongoing refreshment to the predictive model and development via a feedback loop that retrains the model with new data and other information. Customers always have a real-time view into the analysis of their customized key metrics.

Customer Portal

With multiple levels of access (Executive, Site Director, and Manager), this is the one-stop place for all your employees. On the Customer Portal, managers and site directors can view, complete, and track in real time the current Intervention list, historical campaign completion, and churn numbers. In addition, Executives can also see ROI statistics and company-wide project numbers. The AO University section on the Portal provides a platform for on-going training and education resources, including generational training.

Virtual Focus Groups

Virtual Focus Groups, (VFGs), are used to gain insights into your call center that data alone cannot provide. VFGs are conducted through AnswerOn’s own platform by trained moderators and include behind-the-scenes analysis to provide you with a Voice of the Agent overview of your call center. AnswerOn’s VFGs are not simply a survey, but rather a discussion and a chance to learn key insights into the issues, problems, joys, and mindset of your call center agents directly from them!

Comparison to industry

Find out how you rank in your industry, both overall and in key customizable categories

KPI/performance metric analysis

AnswerOn analysis is customizable and can track the key performance metrics that you are most concerned with. Over time, AnswerOn has been able to report an improvement in an agent’s performance metrics the month after receiving an AnswerOn Intervention.

 ROI statistics

Return on investment statistics are reported monthly, along with a customizable standard reporting deck. Additionally, each campaign’s effect is measured at the 30, 60, and 90-day marks for optimum effectiveness.

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“At-risk agent identification is ‘spot on’ and the results appear to get better over time.”

“The intervention types have been helpful. Appreciative of the process. Lost a bunch with no intervention. Dismayed at how fast they left. Going to be a valuable tool.”

“We’ve been having conversations with agents who were ready to put in their two weeks, but we had the conversation and were able to save them.”

 “The AO process is a more disciplined approach to agent improvement.”

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