Real Results from Real Customers

Midwest Wireless:

Size: 150,000 – 250,000 Customers

Products: Wireless

The above graph is a snapshot of 4 years of partnership with AnswerOn. In that time, AnswerOn’s client saved over $12 million by retaining customers who would have otherwise left. 

As seen above, this client observed an average of an 80 basis point reduction in year-over-year churn. Every campaign they launched during this four year period was profitable and cash-flow positive.

Using targeted offerings this customer has seen take rates up to 60%.

Southeast Lifeline:

Size: 60,000 – 80,000 Customers

Products: Wireless

Non-Taker Churn refers to the churn of subscribers who did not redeem the offer presented to them. Redeemer Churn refers to those subscribers who did redeem the offer given to them and went inactive.

The chart above depicts the impact of targeting subscribers who were at a high risk of going into inactivity.

The results were staggering: high-risk subscribers indentified through the predictive model who redeemed an offer churned at a 0.31% rate. While those identified as high-risk, but failed to redeem churned at a rate more than double the base churn rate for the organization.

Midwest Wireless

Size: 150,000 – 250,000 Customers

Products: Wireless

Above is a look at the churn rates of customers who were identified as high risk and either accepted or rejected a campaign offer. This view highlights the concentration of churn within targeted segments on AnswerOn campaigns.

Customers who redeem an offer reduce their churn risk five to ten times what it would have been without a retention offer.

Central US Wireless:

Size: 125,000 – 250,000 Customers

Products: Prepaid Wireless

The chart above shows churn of a MSO in the Midwest.

The churn rate was rising at a fast pace when AnswerOn partnered with this customer. Using AnswerOn’s Retention Program, the churn rate went from over 3% to under 1.5% in 14 months. The end result: savings of over $16 million.

Overall Program Specifics

Average Savings:

$4-8 Million

Time to Actionable Results:

8 Weeks

Average ROI:

6 Months


To learn more about the AnswerOn Lifeline program, visit the Program Specifics page.