Overall Program Specifics

Average Accuracy: 7X Guessing

Using Targeted Analytics, it is possible to contact fewer subscribers with the appropriate offer. AnswerOn's ability to identify targets at an average rate of 7 times higher than guessing cuts costs of contact and redemption.

Average Savings: $4-8 Million

Saving customers who are at high-risk for imminent churn and reducing their risk to a below average state results in monthly savings. Continuing to convert high-risk customers into low-risk, loyal customers has saved our clients an average of $4-8 million over the duration of the project.

Average Time to Actionable Results: 8 Weeks

Our premier analytics and data mining team has several years of experience with transforming raw data into a presentable state for our predictive models. In six weeks, we can create a model which proactively predicts future churn of your subscribers base, and give you the key information explaining why those customers are at risk.

Yearly Reduction in Churn: 75 Basis Points

The impact of repeatedly converting high-risk subscribers into low-risk subscribers is seen in your year over year churn rate. On average, we see a 75 basis point reduction in year over year churn, regardless of seasonality.

Average ROI: 6 Months

Our campaigns are cash flow positive because we work with our customers to find the right low-cost offer and match it to the appropriate high-risk customer. AnswerOn prides itself on proving an ROI on its proactive campaigns well inside the first year of deployment.