Call centers – whether remote or brick and mortar – have long battled with the costs associated with agent turnover. Depending on the type of contact center, you might be looking at the training cost of an individual agent around $5k or even $10k. When those agents abruptly decide to move on, they leave with those skills and they leave you with a hole in your budget. At AnswerOn, we have found that taking preventative measures is the best way to ensure your company doesn’t incur these unnecessary expenses. We have several solutions that target areas of distress in your center to address agent pain points in different ways.  

One of our methods to help retain agents is Proactive Performance Management. This solution focuses on Key Performance Indicators  specific to your call center or industry pain points. By understanding which agents are weekly at risk of falling below the mark on their KPIs, AnswerOn can equip you and your managers with ways to encourage those agents and address any areas where they are at risk of lagging. Using targeted coaching sessions, for which we provide guidelines and training, supervisors are given the frameworks they need to help their agents continue to reach target levels.  

This can seem like an overwhelming process. Yet, very little effort is required by your organization – we do the heavy lifting on our end. All we require is access to non-confidential data you already collect. Once we start sending you results and assessments, your team can use our feedback to start getting agents back on track to meeting their KPIs. Additionally, this lightweight solution requires no hardware or software updates as it is entirely cloud-based. Interested?  AnswerOn offers a pilot program that guarantees satisfaction, noticeable ROI, and our exclusive MoneyBack guarantee 

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