Data Modeling and Data Analytics: What’s the Difference?

Often used interchangeably, data modeling and data analytics evaluate separate components of data. Data modeling requires setting parameters on data to better understand it. Rather than seeking to understand the meaning of data, modeling only seeks to shape data into a usable form to help visualize company strategy. On the other hand, data analysis considers […]

Call Center Churn: Root Causes of Agent Attrition

Call center managers know agent attrition runs high in their industry. Many might understand the common issues that drive agents out the door and cost huge profits. However, the reasons that agents might churn can vary by individual, and it can be challenging to discover the root causes of agent attrition. Here are several common […]

Data Mining Churn Solutions: From Raw Data to Predictable Data

By: Don Kainer, Vice President of Engineering and COO With today’s technological capabilities, we have access to numerous sources of qualitative and quantitative data. However, an exhaustive amount of raw data fails to reveal patterns that describe churn rates. Moving from raw data to predictable data requires a data mining process that considers data definition, […]

The Lifetime of Research

Written by: Michael Mozer, Scientific Advisor at AnswerOn and Professor at the University of Colorado Background on Research Publications Advances in all scientific fields are communicated in academic research publications. In some fields, the publications of choice are top tier journals like Science or Nature. To publish in a peer-reviewed journal, one submits a manuscript, the editor decides if the […]

True Crime: Fighting Agent Attrition

Fighting agent attrition is more like your favorite TV crime show than you think. Just like detectives, AnswerOn analyzes the scene of the crime, interviews “witnesses,” identifies “culprits,” determines a motive, and solves the case. The scene of the crime: When a new customer is struggling with high attrition rates signs on with AnswerOn, we […]

“One-Size fits all” won’t make it right for all

There are many workforce engagement solutions marketed on being easily incorporated into your entire call center and easily applied to all your agents across the board. Some solutions involve adding exercise to an agent’s day; others include agent support groups, or even increased access to free, healthy food. While these methods may make agents happier, […]

The AnswerOn Scoop – October 2017

By: Pamela Ramon, Office Manager Direct from Longmont, CO, here are the latest happenings at AnswerOn: Promotions: On June 28th, AnswerOn’s Engineering Department was pleased to announce Darrell Holladay was promoted to Lead ETL Software Engineer and Rick Mueller to Senior ETL Software Engineer. Congratulations Darrell and Rick! In August, we welcomed CU Engineering student […]

Implementing Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics is one of the hottest trends in business today. If you don’t have cutting edge predictive analytics you are missing key insights which can make your business successful. Big data coupled with deep learning, helps to make sense of the enormous amount of information available to you. Our Scientific Advisor Mike Mozer has […]

MBWA – Management By Walking Around

By: Eric Johnson, CEO and President One of the most pervasive myths we hear in working with our customers and industry professionals is often characterized by a comment similar to –  “I know everything about my agents”, or “A good manager should be able to tell you what is going on in all their employees’ […]