Boomerangs are excellent when they come back.

But agent attrition? Not so much.


An ever-present, all-consuming issue at most organizations – agent attrition eats away at profits, erodes performance, and lowers customer service. Many call centers have reported historic lows for attrition during the pandemic. However, evidence suggests that attrition rates are beginning to creep back up with high rates projected  to return in the next few months as we settle into a new normal or after a vaccine has been in use for a while.


Yet, what is a call center to do?

There is no magic solution to do away with all attrition in one sweep. However, in your data (that you’re already collecting by the way) are the tools you need to understand agent behavior and act proactively to keep agents from leaving.

Higher success at curbing churn hinges on being able to proactively keep agents from leaving. Trying to change an agent’s mind once they have already decided to leave is not only painfully frustrating, but also statistically unsuccessful. You need the tools to step in and address agent concerns or issues BEFORE they have even reached the thought of leaving your organization.


Sound too good to be true?

Many thought so too, at first. But it’s all math, data, predictive analytics, and successful application.

To act you need to be able to isolate behavioral changes on a per agent basis as weekly or monthly snapshots and understand key variables that predict when an agent is high risk.



AnswerOn’s solution predicts monthly (or weekly) which of your agents are most at risk of leaving in the next 30 days AND provides the metric the predictive model has determined is the highest area of concern for them specifically.


No more one-size-fits-all band aids.

No more stylized data charts that you don’t know what actions to take from.

No more guessing.


End the churn-boomerang game strategically with AnswerOn’s predictive analytics.