Overcoming Call Center Obstacles

On April 19, 2018, AnswerOn held our webinar “Overcoming Call Center Obstacles” which featured our special guests Dave Gregory, CEO of Conatus3, and Joe Cox, Workforce Management Consultant and former Vice President of Workforce Management at Alorica. Both speakers spoke to issues that are still relevant two years later. Dave covered topics relating to hiring and training, while Joe discussed scheduling and managing attrition.



Here are some highlights from each presenter:

Dave Gregory webinar overcoming call center obstacles

Dave Gregory –
Co-Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer, Conatus

  • It’s so expensive to replace employees that we have to make sure we’re hiring the right candidates
  • Talent Assessments are valuable tools to match people to positions, but make sure yours doesn’t unknowingly violate anti-discrimination laws
    • Make sure your assessments are EEOC compliant. They should have:
      • Construct Validity
      • Concurrent Validity
      • Face Validity
      • Predictive Validity

Joe Cox webinar overcoming call center obstacles

Joe Cox –
Workforce Management Consultant
Formerly Vice President of Workforce Management at Alorica

  • WFM and scheduling practices have historically focused on daily attainment of shareholders and clients
  • Need to shift focus more to the employee to combat attrition and meet the needs of today’s younger generation call center agent
  • Causes of agent attrition fall into three categories:
    • Onboarding Challenges
    • Operational Issues
    • Scheduling Issues