Tailoring Your Call Center to Different Age Groups 

Hearing directly from agents related to their working conditions, scheduling, and company policies provides invaluable insights, that data collection and behavior tracking alone will not.   To solve this, AnswerOn builds an accurate predictive model to identify high-risk employees and then facilitates a specialized “Voice of the Agent” virtual focus group (VFG) to gather qualitative insights not available in the data. To ensure candid feedback, all VFGs are operated under the condition of anonymity. Recently, AnswerOn has started conducting VFGs with a generational […]

Attrition Rates in Financial Services are on the Rise

High levels of employee churn have been standard in the financial services industry for years. Recently, those already high levels are on the rise. Why are employees leaving their roles at increasing rates? Here is an overview of what attrition looks like in the financial services industry and what companies can do to curb it. […]

Why Employee Attrition Spikes in January

Employee attrition rates tend to soar in January. Why are workers more likely to leave at the beginning of the year? We identify some of the common reasons that cause employees to resign and look at some measures to help reduce rates of attrition. Reasons Employees Resign in January Considering that call centers witness some […]

Predictive Analytics: Using Data to Save Money and Employees

By: Eric Johnson, CEO and President It’s no secret that high rates of employee turnover result in financial losses for a company. Where does the money go? Every step of the employment process has hidden expenses, even steps like listing a job or hiring someone. However, in call centers, one cost stands out from the […]

Two Common Call Center Practices That Hurt Business

By: Eric Johnson, CEO and President Managers and executives know that call centers can be costly parts of business. Yet, many common call center practices thought to help reduce costs cause problems themselves. If your company wants to reduce costs funneling into contact centers, consider these two techniques and their pros and cons. Using Interactive […]

Data Modeling and Data Analytics: What’s the Difference?

Often used interchangeably, data modeling and data analytics evaluate separate components of data. Data modeling requires setting parameters on data to better understand it. Rather than seeking to understand the meaning of data, modeling only seeks to shape data into a usable form to help visualize company strategy. On the other hand, data analysis considers […]

Call Center Churn: Root Causes of Agent Attrition

Call center managers know agent attrition runs high in their industry. Many might understand the common issues that drive agents out the door and cost huge profits. However, the reasons that agents might churn can vary by individual, and it can be challenging to discover the root causes of agent attrition. Here are several common […]

Data Mining Churn Solutions: From Raw Data to Predictable Data

By: Don Kainer, Vice President of Engineering and COO With today’s technological capabilities, we have access to numerous sources of qualitative and quantitative data. However, an exhaustive amount of raw data fails to reveal patterns that describe churn rates. Moving from raw data to predictable data requires a data mining process that considers data definition, […]