Agents in a Call Center
CEO Eric Johnson explains how managers trick themselves into thinking they know how their employees feel just by walking around. Read More
June achievers
Office Manager Pamela Ramon shares some exciting happenings including two promotions in our June AnswerOn Scoop. Read More
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Director of Project Management Chris Johnson explains how easily disciplinary measures can go wrong. Discipline should encourage agent improvement, not churn. Read More
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One of the most common reasons agents quit their call center job is scheduling problems. Call centers have become so efficient and hands off by implementing automated scheduling and PTO request systems that they’ve lost the human touch which makes agents feel valued and appreciated. Read More
One of the most annoying aspects of being a call center operator are the “No Call, No Shows”.  An agent that you’ve spent time and money on decides to leave without any prior notice or communication. Not only is it  frustrating but it puts a major burden on staff to pick up the “slack”.  Read More
Ross Mitchell, Vice President of Sales discusses AnswerOn’s approach to Corporate Partnerships that are effective and benefit both parties. Read More
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To provide the most value for our services, AnswerOn must respond quickly and accurately to the evolving requirements of our customers. The behavior of the end user (our customer’s customer), is not static. Predictive models and prescriptive interventions must be constantly monitored and enhanced to align with behavioral changes. Read More
Is a favorite saying in many business circles, referring to awakening a naïve concealed danger. McGraw-Hill defines it as a proverb-  “Do not instigate trouble; Leave something alone if it might cause trouble.” We have observed a number of call center operators express this idiom when asked to speak to their at-risk employees. Read More
Articles appear daily describing the accomplishments of machine learning, companies market their prowess in machine learning, and machine learning has become nearly synonymous with artificial intelligence. Michael Mozer, Scientific Advisor at AnswerOn and Professor at the University of Colorado discusses the astronomical rise of Machine Learning. Read More