It’s no secret that high rates of employee turnover result in financial losses for a company. Where does the money go? Every step of the employment process has hidden expenses, even steps like listing a job or hiring someone. However, in call centers, one cost stands out from the rest: training and onboarding new employees. Read More
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Managers and executives know that call centers can be costly parts of business. Yet, many common call center practices thought to help reduce costs cause problems themselves. If your company wants to reduce costs funneling into contact centers, consider these two techniques and their pros and cons. Read More
Often used interchangeably, data modeling and data analytics evaluate separate components of data. Data modeling requires setting parameters on data to better understand it.On the other hand, data analysis considers the data itself, allowing you to make informed business decisions. Here are some distinguishing qualities between modeling and analytics. Read More
The Importance of Being Proactive
Here are several common reasons that agents leave after the onboarding process, and how AnswerOn’s solution can help call centers know which agents are at-risk and, most importantly, the proactive action that can prevent them from leaving. Read More
With today’s technological capabilities, we have access to numerous sources of qualitative and quantitative data. However, an exhaustive amount of raw data fails to reveal patterns that describe churn rates. Moving from raw data to predictable data requires a data mining process. Read More
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Structured interactions are one of the key components in the AnswerOn System for retaining agents.Find high risk agents BEFORE they leave. Read More
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Michael Mozer, Scientific Advisor at AnswerOn and Professor at the University of Colorado discusses AnswerOn’s early days of churn prediction. Read More
Scene of the Crime
The TV crime show genre is very popular. Fighting agent attrition with AnswerOn is a lot more like your favorite “whodunit” than you’d expect it to be. Read More
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“One-Size fits all” solutions for improving call center moral might make happy agents happier, but could push at-risk agents out the door. Read More