Call Center Nightmares: Scheduling

One of the most common reasons agents quit their call center job is scheduling problems. Call centers have become so efficient and hands off by implementing automated scheduling and PTO request systems that they’ve lost the human touch which makes agents feel valued and appreciated.

Approaching Attrition in the Security Industry

CEO Eric Johnson discusses the unique challenges the security industry faces in fighting attrition; including identifying two different types of churn. One of the challenges in attacking attrition in the Security industry is agreeing on a definition for attrition.  There are basically two types of Churn commonly mentioned: 1) Gross Attrition and 2) Net Attrition. 


When building predictive models, the information provided to the model and the manner in which it is encoded or formatted is known as the input representation. The choice of representation can determine what can be learned and how readily it will be learned.