Here is a 10,000-foot view of how AnswerOn helps call centers and subscriber-based companies identify which agents or customers are going to leave and how to proactively intervene to prevent them from quitting or going inactive.

Call Center Industry

One of the largest hurdles for providers in the call center industry is retaining agents after they have completed training or onboarding. Through our work with many leaders in the industry, AnswerOn has developed a proven solution for identifying and retaining agents who have disengaged over time for a number of different reasons.

Subscriber-Based Companies

One of the largest hurdles for providers in the subscriber-based industry is retaining customers after they have originally signed up. After working with several subscriber-based companies, AnswerOn has developed the proven solution for keeping customers past the 45-day mark.

Predict the Future

AnswerOn creates a highly accurate, predictive model in 60-90 days using non-confidential data to determine which agents or customers are at risk of leaving.

Frustration-Free Data

The data needed to develop and train the predictive models is flexible and will not require any new infrastructure for your company. Our data experts will help guide this process.

Act with Purpose

After model creation and validation, we provide:

  • for Call Centers: context-specific recommendations for conversations that managers or team leaders can have with each agent who is considering quitting.
  • for Subscriber-based Companies: recommendations for low cost offers that can be delievered via SMS to at-risk customers to keep them from going inactive.

↓ the Headaches, ↑ the Savings

For the providers we have worked with in the Call Center industry and Subscriber-based Companies alike, we have achieved a positive ROI within three months with an average rate of return of 40-60%.

AnswerOn offers a money-back guaranteed, no-risk Pilot program to demonstrate to you how our predictive analytics strategies can help your business and the ROI potential.