Transition Tips

How to make the transition back to the office easier on your agents

There will be many adjustments for agents as they transition back to working on the floor after remote work. Commuting, working with coworkers directly again, following professional dress requirements, adjusting back to the old routine – to name a few. For some, this transition will be overwhelming and lead them to consider leaving their current role. 

Outside of the general safety and cleaning protocols of recalling your agents to the call center, here are some considerations to make so your agents feel successful during this next transition.

Team-building Event

Within appropriate safety and health constraints, host a team event to boost morale! If constraints keep you from having the event in person, host a virtual game hour on Fridays via video call and screen sharing. A budget for a delivered meal before or after the event could be a great touch!

Regular Check-ins

Remind agents they can come to you with issues and maintain regular check-ins with agents.
Key questions to ask: How is the transition back to the floor going - highs and lows? What organizational gains and struggles are you facing? Are you experiencing any home/work friction within the new transition?

Flexible Schedule?

If your call center has gone to a more flexible schedule system during the remote time period, plan for how the transition back to a stricter schedule and loss of autonomy will be difficult for agents.

Consolidate Digital

As agents return to your brick and mortar call center, consolidate digital channels and outline which communication methods will be the preferred method going forward. Restate to all agents how information will be delivered and how team meetings will take place.

Daily Victories!

Focus on achievements and daily victories! Highlight successes on a team and individual level.

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Address the Anxiety

Returning to shared spaces will cause anxiety for many people. Help address this anxiety by having resources ready for those agents needing mental health support. Also, be transparent with policies and safety precautions being taken at the call center BEFORE agents return to the space.

Performance Monitoring

Looking for a better way to monitor agent performance in the call center or while agents work remotely?

AO’s Proactive Performance Management measures agent performance on a weekly basis using predictive modeling. We inform you which agents are likely to miss performance goals so you can correct behavior before it affects the bottom line.

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Attrition MOdeling

Predictive modeling that determines which agents are at the highest risk of churning in the next 30 days. With this information, you can proactively reach out and have the right conversation with the high-risk agent to reduce attrition. 

Lightweight and cloud-based. Our systems require no installation of hardware or software. Our models are built off data you are already collecting and never require any confidential agent data.

Our models can provide the solutions you need.

No call center is the same - and neither are our models. We understand the call center industry and want to help yours reach its full potential.