AnswerOn and NICE provide solutions that enable service providers to efficiently retain their customers. AnswerOn and NICE Systems have recently teamed together to add the “Voice of the Customer” dimension to retention modeling. Our quantitative predictive models along with our qualitative analysis of customer behavior identify churn-likely customers and generate recommended actions a service provider can take to retain those customers, thereby increasing revenue and minimizing operating costs. By adding context to why customers may leave service directly from contact center interactions, the accuracy of the churn propensity model is increased by approximately 20-30%. This combined offering is an all-encompassing solution; not only can potential churners be identified before they actually leave service, but by integrating NICE’s insight into the customer, effective and personalized offers can be extending to ensure retention and re-establish loyalty, driving dramatic improvements to revenues and profits.

This Customer Retention plan provides an overview of the AnswerOn-NICE Solution Offering for Customer Retention, and contains both quantitative and qualitative elements. The plan provides an overview of the components of the AnswerOn-NICE solution, outlines the features of the solution, and describes the modeling methodology.

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