Experts in Call Center Attrition

AnswerOn has saved our clients millions of dollars by reducing their agent attrition. Below are key insights into AnswerOn’s process and strategies for reducing attrition in call centers.

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Drivers of Attrition

We’re experts on prevention of call center attrition with root causes such as:

  • Workplace environment
  • Scheduling
  • Attendance
  • Discipline
  • Advancement
  • Onboarding

Disengaged Agent

Why AnswerOn isn’t like similar solutions


Secrets From the Call Center

Download our Ebook based on real feedback provided by call center agents during a number of AnswerOn’s confidential Virtual Focus Groups (VFGs).

  • “One-Size fits all” won’t make it right for all

    There are many workforce engagement solutions marketed on being easily incorporated into your entire call center and easily applied to all your agents across the board. While these methods may make agents happier, they may not solve the issues your at-risk agents are facing.

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  • The difference between structured and unstructured employee interactions in fighting attrition

    Many managers believe they know everything going on with their employees in their call centers. They usually go on to say “If anyone is getting ready to leave, I would know.” This might be partially true if the call center is of a small enough size and the manager does essentially nothing else.

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  • Fly Fishing the Call Center

    1) Finding the best site to find fish; 2) Matching the Hatch 3) Presentation 4) Execute / Follow Through 5) Play or guarantee success– 6) Release

    A fisherman’s consideration of these many factors parallels a company’s various approaches to combating attrition. Like the fisherman’s choice of an ineffective fly, a number of anti-attrition strategies are totally ineffective.

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Industry Expertise

Read about our experiences with hot button issues in the industry such as: agent scheduling concerns, discipline policies that drive agents away, and read a small case study about how implementing predictive analytics gives meaning and measurement to interactions with agents.

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  • Call Center Nightmares: Scheduling

    One of the most common reasons agents quit their call center job is scheduling problems. Call centers have become so efficient and hands off by implementing automated scheduling and PTO request systems that they’ve lost the human touch which makes agents feel valued and appreciated. 

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  • Call Center Nightmares: When Discipline Goes Wrong

    When you have many employees, you need to have a blanket discipline system that applies to all employees and covers things like unplanned absences, tardiness, low KPIs, etc. Disciplinary policies can be tricky things. We’ve seen many call centers make mistakes on choosing policies and in how they implement them. 

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  • Implementing Predictive Analytics

    If you don’t have cutting edge predictive analytics you are missing key insights which can make your business successful. Big data coupled with deep learning, helps to make sense of the enormous amount of information available to you.

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