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How much could you save on agent turnover: 15%, 20%, 30%, or more?

Easily determine key metrics and KPIs to learn how much your agent attrition is costing you.

Our savings calculator is free to use and calculates how much agent attrition is costing your business. Simply input the number of agents in your call center, your cost to replace an agent, and your monthly unprofitable attrition to see what is your attrition is really costing you.

Savings Calculator


Use our free savings calculator to determine:

How much agent attrition is actually costing your business

How much you could be saving in net margin savings each year

How AnswerOn can reduce that cost

How do these numbers translate into real savings?

AnswerOn solutions that enhance the customer experience.

AnswerOn has studied and documented a tightly linked relationship between agent attrition reduction and AnswerOn solutions that enhance the customer experience.

We have observed for every corresponding drop in call center agent attrition, a corresponding increase in customer experience. 

As agents are retained, they continue to gain valuable experience and increase their overall performance, leading to customers experiencing a higher call quality. In one case study, we found that as attrition decreased, many agents who were marked “Satisfactory” before evolved into “Exceptional” on measures like First Call Resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! This tool is entirely free to you. 

While this resource is free to anyone who wishes to download it, it is particularly useful for managers of call centers who want to get a gauge on how much agent attrition is costing them or who are exploring solutions to help them save money and reduce employee attrition. 

We ask for your information in exchange for this valuable free resource to better understand our audience and connect with you in the future if AnswerOn services seem like a good fit for your organization. For more details on our privacy and your information’s security, you can view our company privacy policy.

Industry-leading call centers use our savings calculator to gain valuable insights into their agent attrition costs.

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