The Dangers of Not Tracking Call Center Agent Behaviors

A good manager in an ideal small workplace (under 10) is likely to notice when their employees experience burnout or become disengaged from their work. The difficulty for today’s managers is that most of them do not have the luxury of an “ideal workplace.” Managers are expected to keep their employees happy and productive often with limited resources and in challenging, fast paced environments. The shift to more automated Workforce Management Systems means that managers are less involved in daily activities like PTO requests or schedule changes, and are less likely to be aware of difficulties employees face with these requests. Giving managers an insight into these systems and identifying agents having difficulties within other areas of the call center through behavior analytics equips managers with the information they need to be a reengagement force in the call center.

AnswerOn’s predictive analytics and behavior tracking solution not only identifies and tracks aberrations in employee behaviors, but it also provides a practical, per-agent specific strategy on how to prevent those high-risk agents from churning. Retaining employees and reducing hiring and training replacement costs will also be augmented by increased customer satisfaction scores, increased call center team morale, and more tenured agents who use their growing set of skills to help the company for longer periods of time.

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