AnswerOn’s solution stands apart from the rest of the agent attrition solutions by not only predicting which agents are going to leave and why, (through key insights from the predictive model), but by providing you and your managers with specific action steps to keep them from choosing to leave your organization. AnswerOn’s prescriptions are not generic or part of a one-size fits all model – they are specific to each individual agent, actionable, and require a small, manageable time commitment from your managers. These targeted conversations assigned by the predictive model, called Interventions, equip managers in your call centers with behavioral insights they would not normally have access to. See below for more information about AnswerOn Interventions in the section entitled “What is an AnswerOn Intervention.”

AnswerOn provides you with a radical new way to have a pulse on the performance and health of your call center, without requiring any change in your existing infrastructure and only requiring non-confidential performance data you already have.

In addition, here are other key differentiators:

  • Prescriptive analytics – individual, tailored interventions
  • Monthly ROI reports
  • Model updated bi-weekly or monthly
  • Cloud-based, standardized process for tracking and recording coaching, training, and performance
  • Real-time monitoring of sites’ interactions with agents
  • Highlight the Voice of the Agent through Virtual Focus Groups (VFGs)
  • Requires no change in your current infrastructure and minimal IT involvement
  • Minimal impact on team leader’s time

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