Analysis of variables that contribute to churn at your call center(s) to create actionable intelligence for your managers. Also, ongoing refreshment to the predictive model and development via a feedback loop that retrains the model with new data and other information. Customers always have a real-time view into the analysis of their customized key metrics.

Customer Portal

With multiple levels of access (Executive, Site Director, and Manager), this is the one-stop place for all your employees. On the Customer Portal, managers and site directors can view, complete, and track in real time the current Intervention list, historical campaign completion, and churn numbers. In addition, Executives can also see ROI statistics and company-wide project numbers. The AO University section on the Portal provides a platform for on-going training and education resources, including generational training.

Virtual Focus Groups

Virtual Focus Groups, (VFGs), are used to gain insights into your call center that data alone cannot provide. VFGs are conducted through AnswerOn’s own platform by trained moderators and include behind-the-scenes analysis to provide you with a Voice of the Agent overview of your call center. AnswerOn’s VFGs are not simply a survey, but rather a discussion and a chance to learn key insights into the issues, problems, joys, and mindset of your call center agents directly from them!

Comparison to industry

Find out how you rank in your industry, both overall and in key customizable categories

KPI/performance metric analysis

AnswerOn analysis is customizable and can track the key performance metrics that you are most concerned with. Over time, AnswerOn has been able to report an improvement in an agent’s performance metrics the month after receiving an AnswerOn Intervention.

 ROI statistics

Return on investment statistics are reported monthly, along with a customizable standard reporting deck. Additionally, each campaign’s effect is measured at the 30, 60, and 90-day marks for optimum effectiveness.

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