AnswerOn Customer Case Study:
Multinational BPO

This case study summarizes the AnswerOn Pilot Program as implemented and designed for a leading BPO call center client with an initial focus on three site locations: Makati, Philippines; Guadalajara, Mexico; and Universal City, Texas.

The goals of this Pilot Program were to

  • Build models that accurately predict both agent attrition and AHT performance at the three client locations.
  • Design tailored coaching package Interventions for agents who were at a high risk of churning to lower agent attrition and improve AHT performance.
  • Determine based on the larger international sites whether the AnswerOn attrition solution could be extensible to the US.
  • Compare and contrast Compliance and Operations for client’s customers in the US and worldwide.

Over a 5-year period, AnswerOn helped this client improve attrition by 65% within the high-risk segment, reduce training costs by 19.75%, and save $9.5 million in net margin savings. In addition, during this period agent performance and all net promoter scores improved for those agents receiving Interventions.

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